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Experimenting with TweetDeck

November 2011

I've been experimenting with TweetDeck v0.38.2 as a tool for making more use of Twitter for my business.

First impressions are very favourable. I like the UI, I like the columnar layout. I particularly like the ability to filter columns, mark selected tweets as 'seen', and then clear seen items. It's a handy way of quickly skimming through a volume of tweets where some are of interest, and others not.

One noteworthy shortcoming though is that when tweets are marked as 'seen' in one column, this status isn't reflected on the same tweets in other columns. A spot of googling suggests that cross-marking in this way is a feature that has existed and may return, and I rather hope it does. Without cross-marking, the usefulness of lists in TweetDeck in somewhat impaired IMHO.

Another minor request I'd make of the TweetDeck dev team: if at all possible, the 'clear all' button should be moved away from 'clear seen', or prompt for a confirmation.

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