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BlackBerry juice

November 2012

I recently upgraded my BlackBerry from a Bold 9700, to the whizzy Bold 9900 with 1.2GHz processor and touch-screen display.

Now I do love my Blackberries, and I'm a confirmed fan of the 9900, its features and its OS7.1 software. But why have they put such a useless battery in it?

I get at best approx 36 hours between charges, which is pretty useless for being away from a mains supply for days on end - a camp site for example. Yes I can turn stuff off, and yes a car charger and a trip out save the day, but it's still annoying.

Moan over. As I type I'm in the process of updating OS7.1 to the latest bundle. I've done this before and found the process smooth and re-assuring. Full marks to BlackBerry in this regard - as an engineer I know how precarious updating embedded software can be.

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