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Quail - who'd 'ave 'em?

November 2012

For critters that start out like the cutest little bumble bees, quail chicks don't half grow up into nasty buggers.

We took on seven quail a few months ago (six girls and one boy), and we've since come to wonder whether they're more trouble than they're worth. The little eggs are great, and quail can be quite prolific layers, but blimey they're aggressive towards one another. Even with things to keep them amused and greens to peck at, they still find time aplenty to peck at each other - we're constantly dealing with minor injuries.

Mr. Quail was recently culled as he was the most aggressive of all and a menace to the laydeez. But when the girls have run their course, we'll probably not replace them, and stick with friendly happy chooks instead.

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