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Warm start detection on Microchip PIC24s

December 2012

Some while ago we adjusted our firmware to suppress C's traditional initialisation of RAM, to provide a random number seed for RS485 collision avoidance.

The undefined power-on contents of RAM have since proved handy for other things. For example, it has become useful for us to detect the difference between a cold (power-on) firmware start-up, and a warm restart (e.g. after a firmware update). This is a simple job of allocating and testing a variable, with 16 bits chosen to minimise the risk of false information by chance:-

static Word warmStartWord;

Byte boardWasWarmStarted()
     if (warmStartWord == WARM_START_WORD_VALUE)
         return 1;

     warmStartWord = WARM_START_WORD_VALUE;
     return 0;

where Word and Byte are defined as unsigned short, and unsigned char, respectively.

The actual numerical value of WARM_START_WORD_VALUE is completely arbitrary - 0x42E9 just happened to be the start of BASIC code storage on TRS-80s and Video Genies :)

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