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Stephen Fry: Out There

October 2013

Last night Helen and I watched the first of Fry's excellent new two-part documentary about homophobia around the world.

It's worth seeing just for the amusing sparring between Fry and the two Ugandan lunatics obsessed with sodomy. One would have thought they would have researched their opponent, and would have foreseen the prospect of looking foolish at the hands of a capable commentator.

I see parallels with my own world. Going barefoot generally yields disinterest to mild bemusement in others, but just occasionally I encounter the most preposterous arguments for health, safety and hygiene from folk failing wholesale to disguise their own disapproval.

Clearly issues borne of my own choices are trivial compared to the prejudices endured by people guilty of nothing more than their natural state of being. Nevertheless, I have some understanding of how Fry must have felt during his discussions with the clergyman and the government minister. Torn between the amusement of running verbal rings around twisted belief systems, versus complete bewilderment as to how these people formed such beliefs in the first place.

Here's looking forward to part 2.

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