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Recent Clients

Wetink Ltd |

PHP/MySQL web application development

Wetink is a website and print design agency, developing creative solutions across all media formats.

Barefoot Software is assisting with a major new web application due for launch in Autumn 2014. Collaborative tools are again JIRA for project management, BitBucket for hosted Git version control.

For more information on Wetink's services, contact them on 0800 917 3255.

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Moonlight Media Ltd. |

Joomla 2.5 administration

Moonlight Media is a specialist marketing and public relations firm for the capital markets and financial services industry. Moonlight's directors John and Alla are old colleagues of Andrew's from working together in financial data systems in the 1990s.

Barefoot Software looks after the general administration of Moonlight's web presence, including backups, and advising Moonlight staff on Joomla usage.

For more information on how Moonlight can develop your brand, contact them on 020 7250 4770.

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Polished Geek LLC |

PHP/MySQL web application development

North Carolina-based Polish Geek deliver bespoke web and e-commerce applications development for the Joomla content management platform.

Barefoot Software will be assisting with Polish Geek's workload on a number of projects over the coming months. Collaborative tools used include JIRA for project management, BitBucket for hosted Git version control, and HipChat for live team discussion and messaging.

For more information on Polished Geek's services, contact them on +1 919 275 0676.

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Merionwen |

Joomla 3.0 website design and e-commerce administration

Merionwen is Andrew's fiancé Helen's brand new organic natural skincare business. A trained herbalist, aromatherapist and cosmetologist, Helen is producing a tantalising range of spa-quality skin care products, available in her online shop since mid-May 2013.

Barefoot Software is developing Merionwen's online e-commerce presence, with the core website built on Joomla 3.0, and the online shop deployed via the HikaShop extension. The blog is delivered via JoomBlog, and backups via Akeeba Backup.

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Setsquare Ltd |

Embedded system firmware in C, system admin GUI application in Java and Swing

Setsquare manufacture and install a sophisticated range of automated lighting control systems with a reputation for flexibility and energy conservation.

Barefoot Software has been contracted to produce the software for a major extension to the Setsquare product range. The project includes the design and implementation of specialised networking protocols across various technologies and topologies, 8 and 16-bit PIC microcontroller firmware in C (and assembler where necessary) for various devices in the product range, and a new GUI-based system/network administration application in Java and Swing.

For this project Barefoot Software is collaborating with London Computer Mechanics, the trading name of fellow engineer Andrew Lydon. The two Andrews have a first-rate working relationship of over 18 years.

For more information on Setsquare's range of energy-conserving lighting control systems, contact them on 01732 851888.

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Gwledd Conwy Feast |

Joomla website administration, printed materials design and production, IT infrastructure

Gwledd Conwy Feast is a major food and drink festival held each year in the beautiful walled town of Conwy, North Wales. Andrew has been working with the Feast since 2006, initially as sister project Conwy Slate, and latterly as Barefoot Software.

Andrew produced the online and printed publications for the 2007-2009 Feasts. The websites were Joomla 1.5 installations, with fragments of custom HTML, PHP or Javascript where needed. Quark Xpress 6.5, and latterly 8.1, were used to design and prepare the printed promotional materials for commercial four-process press. You can view a selection of past programme and flyer PDFs in the footprints section.

Barefoot Software also maintains the Feast's office network infrastructure, including the mail, print and file server, remote access and remote administration.

For more information on becoming involved with the Feast, contact Jane Hughes on 0771 888 7478.

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Worth Create and the Westex Group |

Specialised e-commerce web applications in PHP/MySQL

Barefoot Software has been working with Anglesey-based Worth Create since 2008, creating a suite of specialised online ordering systems for Worth Create's end client, the logistics group Westex Ltd. The latest addition was summer 2013.

With Worth Create providing the design and CSS and Barefoot Software the PHP/MySQL/Javascript programming, the partnership delivers a robust and fresh-looking suite of product ordering pages, tailored to the needs of Westex's varied clients. The system is hosted on a dedicated virtual server, and communicates automatically with Westex IT systems for stock/product management and order completion reporting.

For more information on Worth Create's web and print design services contact Mark Muggeridge on 07947 773974.

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