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The planet and the dinner plate

A collection of links all about green issues, food standards and other causes close to Andrew's heart.

  • Downsizer |

    Superb site about living a greener, more ethical life. Articles galore and a lively forum covering everything from growing your own to energy efficiency to agricultural animal welfare and food standards.

  • Derbyshire Wildlife Trust |

    Andrew has been a member of Derbyshire's leading conservation organisation for a number of years.

  • Centre for Alternative Technology |

    Machynlleth-based charitable organisation demonstrating practical solutions to the world's issues.

  • Gwledd Conwy Feast |

    Major Conwy-based food and drink festival showcasing the best in Welsh produce. Andrew has been involved with the Feast since its early days - details.

  • Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival |

    Andrew's local food and drink festival showcasing the best in Derbyshire produce. The festival is also the launchpad for the excellent, annually-published Taste of derbyshire.

  • National Parks |

    Smart umbrella site for the UK's National Parks, including a link to our very own Peak District.

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